Tableaux Vivants

A project by Malatheatre - Ludovica Rambelli Teatro

It all started in 2006, when the Malatheatre company’s founder Ludovica Rambelli — passed away in April 2017 — gave a lecture at the University of Naples, on Caravaggio’s way of working. That’s when Ludovica realised that the best way to explain it was through a theatrical performance. “He used actors to build the scenes he painted, in fact we did not reproduce his work, but recreated what happened in his studio,” said current company director, Dora De Maio, referring to what for a few years has become a real play entitled La conversione di un cavallo. 23 Tableaux Vivants dalle opere di Caravaggio, or simply, Tableaux Vivants.

Inspired, among others, by Pier Paolo Pasolini’s short film La Ricotta, the intention of this show is to achieve “a great visual impact” with a minimalist scenography, baroque melodies — by composers such as Mozart, Bach and Vivaldi — and a focus located on one side, which emulates the suggestive light effect of the Italian master’s paintings. The show is told by David Capone through a short documentary.

The company offers new performances once a month at the Museo Diocesano in Naples. Today, thanks to its success on the Internet, the theater group is close to fulfilling its founder’s dream of acting outside of Italy. “We have never been able to do it for budgetary reasons, but in recent weeks we have been called from Spain, France, Israel and a theater festival in Portugal. Going abroad would be a great tribute to Ludovica,” says Dora.

They were recently in Milan, Galleria del Corso, for a show on the works of the master Perugino.


18 Commenti su Tableaux Vivants

  1. Magnífico!

  2. Joseph Jumapao // 2018/11/04 alle 18:56 // Rispondi

    I would love if you will perform in Palm Beach,
    Florida USA. Who is your business manager ?
    Contact number ?

  3. Absolutely great performance & rehabilitation of medieval & renaissance arts
    Come to Basel & perform live

  4. La Luce a sinistra da Caravaggio !

  5. Déa Alves // 2018/11/06 alle 11:07 // Rispondi

    Uma das coisas mais belas que já vi…de arrepiar!

  6. Joao carlos castanha // 2018/11/07 alle 05:05 // Rispondi

    Copiou Derek Jarman no filme Caravaggio de 1995

  7. Utterly wonderful. I keep watching it. Intensely moving. Robin Broad

  8. Linda. Monicatti // 2018/11/08 alle 05:18 // Rispondi

    Beautiful and mesmerizing. I can’t stop watching. Love your performance. I am grateful.
    Linda. Monicatti

    you deserve the best for this fantastic work…
    saluti da Parigi 🤗

  10. CrazyrefromLA // 2018/11/11 alle 15:49 // Rispondi

    The Getty Museum in Los Angeles, should get you to perform!

  11. This is wonderful, and so beautiful I keep watching it again and again. Congratulations on such
    an emotionally moving realisation of the art together with the Mozart music.

  12. What is the beautiful choral piece?

  13. Diana Giuseppe // 2018/11/18 alle 14:38 // Rispondi

    una rappresentazione scioccante e radiosa.

  14. YVONNE CABRERA // 2018/11/27 alle 06:20 // Rispondi

    Maravilloso, espectacular!!! Bravissimo!!!

  15. Carlos Mercado // 2018/12/11 alle 15:06 // Rispondi


  16. Gwen Livingstone Pokora // 2019/01/11 alle 00:12 // Rispondi

    Bravi a tutti!

  17. Nanne Hessel // 2019/01/23 alle 16:38 // Rispondi

    Are you coming to spain or France?
    Greetings Nanne Hessel

  18. Antonio del Rivero. // 2019/06/27 alle 03:52 // Rispondi

    ¡¡ Muchas felicidades !!
    Verdaderas obras maestras 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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