A Dad

about H. Caldwell Tanner

What the world looks like to your dad? H. Caldwell Tanner grew up in a series of inter-connected caves. He doesn’t believe in America and its ideals, and he doesn’t like sports and their competitive nature. His favourite battle accessories are bangles. He seems a little cross-eyed, and any time someone asks him to draw a caricature, he will draw Morgan Freeman as a dragon. He claims to be the first person to have a comic where Sonic and Knuckles kissed and is therefore the seed from which all illicit internet love springs.

Caldwell is a part-time Writer and Illustrator at College Humor. He is the co-founder and co-host of the show alongside Nathan Yaffe. He’s now a ghost working at MacDanalds, he serves fries on Tuesdays and gives out toys on Fridays. His first name is Hugh, but he doesn’t believe it’s a real name. He is a swell guy, a husband and, of course, a dad.


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