Anxiety Attacks

about Johnny Smith

Everything seems to be set for a collage artist, especially when he comes from a place like Los Angeles. Using Instagram as his white cube, Johnny Smith blurs the line between social media and art, through sexually or politically-charged digital collages. His research began when his anxiety attacks became more frequent and he surfed the internet looking for images, coming across the usual subjects: food, pornography, nature and politics. Since there, he was able to offset his innate interest in provoking and observing reactions.

It’s not an easy impact at first, it all depends on your way of being in the world and take things. As always, you’re the only one who can choose, on the basis of your own experience, if what you see is disturbing, exciting, sarcastic, or just has anything to do with you. Johnny always creates his work while half-watching episodes of reality TV. He is an actor and filmmaker and is currently collaborating on a project with the Haas Brothers.


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