Nimble Animals

about María Uve

What is love, in fact? An expedient of nature to ensure the continuation of our species, or something with more romantic overtones, which has to do with passion, looks, attraction, sensuality, suffering, the yearning due to an absence, Romeo and Juliet, the inevitable, the end? We have chosen two images to enclose the idea of love according to the Spanish illustrator María Uve, the result is in two words: Nimble Animals.

We often try to give ourselves answers that are as coherent as possible with our thinking, as appropriate, by leaving art and sensations to speak for themselves. So, this time again we’ll let the illustrations by María free to be through their lines and essential atmospheres. She works mainly with digital means, exploring the everyday moments of love, the intimacy, the joy, as well as its difficulties and challenges. Her favorite word is happiness, or being able to dedicate herself to what she likes and feels full with it. Her favorite virtue is creativity: “a person with imagination sees the world totally different.”


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