When you are free, you get killed

To María Trinidad Matus aka Marmaid

Do you remember the child they all isolated, beaten and called weirdo at school, at the park or at some teenage party? Someone even dreamed to make that stupid existence disappear forever, somehow, someday. Can you remember? You can’t have forgotten, ‘cause it’s not totally over. Maybe that child was you. And that irresistible need to spend some time alone, especially following a moment when you gave your soul, during a meeting with one or more people, is actually something that you’ve been carrying around from the past, and with which you have now learned to live together. Alone with everybody, around the world. Everyone thought you were just a fool who loves only itself, kind of a social undesirable, but they were wrong. You only had too much love to give, too many dreams to share. But just one life to travel.

Maybe everyone has the desire to leave and be free, but not everyone knows the rules of travel, not everyone what to do with their freedom. Maybe everyone loves to spend some time alone, but not everyone has learned to do it. Sometime we fear loneliness as an enemy to avoid. We fear our dreams, our future, we fear to live. And so we happen to hate those who have learned to overcome fear and enjoy the gift of life, those who keep smiling, dreaming, and being a little “naive”. Because today you can’t just pick up and leave, trusting in the good nature of people, you can’t keep hoping that things are not as they seem, on TV or in people’s speeches. You can’t do without it! Once you’re born, you can no longer hide. You can’t think of being free. You could be disappointed, embittered, beaten. You could be killed.

“Today my trip starts after a long time wishing to travel all around the planet alone. The time has arrived to be full of nature”

Marmaid was one of those free souls who express themselves through art. She was a musician, producer and composer from Ciudad de México — Mexico City. Her name was María Trinidad but she had decided to call herself Mar — Sea. At the first stage of her trip around the world, she was assaulted, raped, and drowned in her beloved sea, on the beach of El Carmen, in the popular surf resort of Santa Teresa del Cobano, Costa Rica. She was only 25.

“Traveling alone should not be dangerous: Mar’s death is not in vain! Do not let fear stop you from fulfilling your dreams, keep meeting people, loving without measure and go and discover the world!” It is the message published on the social networks by Elena Varade, a girl who met Maria during her trip and who launched a campaign with the hashtag #NoViajabaSola.


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