about Vincent Bal

It all started with the shadow of a teacup. Now Vincent Bal can’t help seeing things in shadows and everyday objects. Actually he’s a filmmaker who always liked to draw. Lately he started drawing silly doodles involving shadows and objects. The different between making a film and a doodle is obvious, the first takes three years at least from idea to audience, the second just two minutes, and this seems to be a nice thing to Vincent. He called his particular “science” Shadowology.

“While I was working on a new script, I noticed how my teacup made a nice shadow on a piece of paper. I drew some lines on it and suddenly the shadow was an elephant. I took a pic with my phone and posted it on Facebook. Before I knew it, this pic was shared and liked as never before. I was surprised how much people liked it. Since that day I’ve been posting a doodle a day. Sometimes with shadows, sometimes with objects, always with a silly punchline. It’s great. I love how quick it is. I have an idea, make it, and find an audience, all in less than half an hour. I love the freedom. There are no restrictions. I can just watch a shadow and see if I recognize a shape.


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