Scoria dell’Arte

A project by Frida L. V. Vargas

Have you ever wondered if the great masters of modern art had lived today? What would be the models of reference for their works and how would they represent the reality, people or personalities of our times? Would these artists have succeeded in reaching the fame that distinguishes them today or perhaps their name would have ended up in oblivion, outclassed by the fleeting notoriety of the subjects immortalized in their paintings? Obviously we can not know … But by enriching history, the course of events and biographies, the modern world with its idols, contradictions, vices and bad habits, can become the reference context for Leonardo’s genius or for the calm composure by Raphael.

Scoria dell’Arte, by Frida L. V. Vargas, from Italy, reproduces the fictional life of those who have dedicated their lives to show us the True through Beauty. History — Storia — is already distorted in the name, becoming Scoria — Scum … of Art, intended as the waste, the residue of creative production. Images and fragments of a reality that, like lapilli, are projected into the world during the artistic explosion.


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