7 Days

about Gregg Segal

By approaching photography with the sensibility of a sociologist, Gregg Segal explores our culture, identity, memory, behavior, roles, beliefs, and values. Based in California, his work utilizes stark contrast and juxtaposition to engage viewers and provoke reflection. He draws on his background in writing and film to make pictures that are single frame dramas with a sense of something that has or is about to happen.

Among Gregg’s most interesting and touching projects, 7 Days of Garbage — people surrounded by a week’s worth of their own rubbish —, Remembered — dedicated to the people with Alzheimer’s disease — and Daily Bread which deeper goal is to serve as a catalyst for change and link to a growing, grassroots community that is sharing information, learning from one another and moving the needle on diet. “Before globalization overwhelms traditional regional diets, I’m making my way from Asia to the Middle East, from Europe to Africa and South America asking children to keep a journal of everything they eat in a week. Once the week ends, I make a portrait of the child with the food arranged around them. I’m focusing on children because eating habits, which form when we’re young, last a lifetime and often pave the way to chronic health problems.” We are first and foremost what we eat, and this would seem a good starting point for everything else.


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