Out of the Trail

about Petya Konstantinova

After nearly ten years of working in an office, two ulcers and a haemorrhage fate had put Petya Konstantinova on a crossroad and made her reconsider if she was on the right path. The change came as a huge stress, it shook her out of the trail. She had trampled for years absolutely convinced there lay no other ways in front of her. She had to completely reevaluate her capabilities and most of all the meaning she put in words like “certainty”, “happiness” and “time”. Fortunately, people close to her stood firmly by her side and this made her definitely believe she should try and change direction.

Majored in Bulgarian Philology, now Petya lives and works in Prague. She feels happy with what she’s doing and is glad this happened to her. She hopes she succeeds to embody in her artwork the desire and faith that dreams can come true.

“It’s easier to get some job in some office, but you may not always get a chance to listen to your inner voice and follow it. Planned or unplanned, expected or unexpected, changes occur in our lives, and sometimes stepping off the beaten track is not a disaster but a new opportunity.


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