American Beauty

about Carey Lynne Fruth

Beauty turns violet in the series by Carey Lynne Fruth, a way to challenge some standards in a country scarred by a depressing barrage of products and services. Inspired by the multi-award winning movie by Sam Mendes and Alan Ball, Carey changes the patterns by portraying women of different shapes, ages and colors. Female body is not longer represented by red petals and the milky and blonde forms of a cheerleader like Mena Suvari but, in the same manner and more inclusively, by women with body hair, piercings, tattoos and visible disabilities.

“The media plays into women’s insecurities to sell them things. They want you to believe that nothing in your life will go right if you don’t first look a certain way. But that simply isn’t true. My models get to choose how sultry they want to be, they get to decide who sees their images, and I think by showing these women that they can be gorgeous bombshells whenever they want gives them a sense of freedom … That confident woman you once were for a day in my photography studio — and for all eternity in your photos — is always here inside you.

Carey is a San Francisco based artist and photographer. She currently works at Shameless Photography creating body positive pin up, retro boudoir and old Hollywood inspired imagery. Her personal work mainly revolves around abandonment, decay, destruction, and solitude.

Amongst her works, you can find projects called In Ruins, Abandoned, Cannabis and Solitude. Carey’s eyes seem to know very well how to find beauty in everything.


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