Ukiyo-e Stars

about Masumi Ishikawa

In the word “Ukiyo-e”, Ukiyo means “Nowadays” and “Present”, so in Ukiyo-e, the artisans portrayed sceneries such as popular beautiful women, kabuki actors, and famous locations of that period. Ukiyo-e project has a mindset based on that “Ukiyo-e” in the modern era, and portray artists and pop icons of today on traditional woodblock prints. The process requires a different carved wooden block for each color used, so the prints required more than 30 passes to achieve their unique look.

Brainchild of Yuka Mitsui, a Japanese woman currently living in Los Angeles, in collaboration with the chief producer Natsuko Aoike, the project has increased with the arrival of experienced woodcarvers, hand printers and illustrator Masumi Ishikawa. Among their tributes, David Bowie, Kiss, Iron Maiden and Star Wars.


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