No place to call home

Solo by Mirta Vignatti


What happens when what we call home doesn’t belong to us anymore? Mirta Vignatti starts from this question to develop a personal search among abandonments, uprooting and new horizons. From these concerns arises the intimate need to take the necessary distances to understand. As our eyes narrow, the known boundary slowly begins to fade into a white light that redraws a new territory possible. The soul of what was called home has gone somewhere, where time and space have routed the coordinates that gave us a certain unstable equilibrium.

That container of all our securities and fragility becomes in Mirta’s painting a symbolic ivory-colored cube, wrapped in light and wind. A single house with the soul elsewhere. A space with a dual mission: to contain or expel, to offer a muffled shelter or to become a cage of a suffocated identity. A place of arrival and abandonment, a sort of domestic shadow forcing us to seek the true place in the world. But it is precisely in that flight that one learns not to become attached to anything or anyone, one observes only a changing nature. A landscape that will always remain there to observe our clumsy attempt to feel part of something.

We are islands in the islands. The emerald green of the leaves, the olive-gray of the trees, the blue trapped in the ice, the changing light of a winter sky, the bitter wind smelling of distant sounds whisper that this is not an escape. Our passage is a simple going, a look at life as it is, contemplated and never understood.

“The scenario that my canvases try to unveil is all in this loosing yourself in the purity of gaze. An overview built with the intuition of a flight of birds, natural guardians of new boundaries, masters of traveling, of migrating, of the abandonment of each root.”

Nessun posto da chiamare casa
Orizzonti Arte Contemporanea
from 10 to 27 May 2018


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