Lonely Dolls

about Stacy Leigh

In the 1970s, when computers were beginning their ascent into world domination, Stacy Leigh was born. In her earliest years she was an artist. She painted and made clothes for her dolls. One birthday, she was gifted a camera by her Mother, that would quickly show signs of things to come. Stacy would set up her Barbie dolls in scenes she created from her meager surroundings. Never putting down the paintbrush or a camera, when her teen years hit, she began to photograph her friends too. That would continue throughout her young life. In 2005, remembering about a posable, realistic, life size love doll she saw on an HBO segment many years earlier, she began to research them as a sitting model for her paintings.

One year after the arrival of the first doll, Stacy began working on a series with them called Average Americans. When asked why she creates sets, and tells stories with sex dolls, she replied, “I think that there is something that happens when you see a hyper realistic, life size doll… Something that looks so alive. It’s uncomfortable. Maybe for some it’s just too creepy… But I do know that with technology taking over, there are people who are very lonely. And that empathy we eventually feel for an object that so closely resembles humanity, can easily transform into a relationship.”

In addition to Average Americans, Stacy worked on other series like 2 Weeks and 37 Hours and Hers which touches on the growing relationship between a woman and her sex doll.

Stacy’s work with both people and love dolls can be seen in publications from all corners of the globe. From fashion magazines to university text books and select group art shows, her work has been most heavily circulated throughout internet media sources and online publications. Her studio is located in New York City.


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