Joys of Life

about Nimura Daisuke

Well known for his cheeky animated gifs, Nimura Daisuke grew up seeing the artworks of mangaka Akira Toriyama and trying to imitate his artworks — Nimura was very glad that his parents and friends made compliments about his results. Anyway, it’s not just gifs that he is a dab hand at, either, there are also some charming examples of straight illustration in his portfolio, with movie and cartoon-like characters placed alongside pastel washes and animations of spindly dancing people. It’s just pure joyous work about the joys of living. His illustration hero is another mangaka, Taiyo Matsumoto.

“I think my style is simple, plain, sober. I have no intention of manifesting my Japanese heritage, but I represent something the Japanese have always done or felt. And try to make people chuckle. My wish is to create a LEGO character. And I’d be very happy if I could work constantly with the most advanced advertisement and animation. At the beginning of my career I didn’t have a lot of requests from clients and I wanted to work more as an illustrator. That’s why I did the Katte ni Koukoku project, a series of advertisements of well-known companies, but in my own way.”


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