Inside – Outside

with Thierry Mandon


Is it a world that still needs dreamers?

Of course this world needs dreamers, the imaginary could be the reality of tomorrow. But there is also a need for people who work on themselves and create a better world, because, as Gandhi has said — and more and more people are repeating it: “You must be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Something on your Inside – Outside concept:

Firstly, I must point out that this video is at the base of an artistic performance. Like many of my videos, a character, a kind of archetype of the individual, is staged in a banal situation of the everyday life. By transposing this common scene into an incompatible space-time, it turns into an absurd and poetic parody. The character is faced with its human condition, with the tragicomical aspect of its existence, with its limits but also with its creative strength.

How did you menage to realize it?

The realization of this video has been complicated. We had to solidly fix a bedspring supported by a short scaffolding in a wall. Without the help of the team of the artistic event in which I participated, this video would never have existed. Thanks to the whole Couts-Circuit team! I must add that I did not feel completely safe when I was lying down in that bed, because it was over a meter high.

We are hopelessly destined for an accumulation-based existence, or perhaps the latest generation are showing that it is an outdated phase?

I hope with all my heart that we will pass quickly to an existence based on being, rather than having. In any case, an existence based on accumulating material wealth cannot last much longer, because our planet’s resources are limited.

The day you realized you were an artist:

I do not remember a particular day when I realized I was an artist. Being an artist doesn’t mean much to me. I only know that I love to create, to realize, to shape sometimes a little crazy ideas.

How hard is it to separate genius from madness?

I do not think we can separate talent from madness, it’s but a matter of dosage!

One of the childhood memories you will always carry with you:

The happiness I felt when I watched the snow fall, when I walked in a snowy and silent landscape.


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