Makeup Illusion

about Dain Yoon

“People live in illusions”

When she started posting photos of her mesmerizing illusions on Instagram, a few years ago, Dain Yoon pretty much blew everyone’s minds, because no one had been able to achieve that level of realism, at least not without the help of digital editing software like Photoshop. The way she achieved complex visual effects like blurred vision or distorted features by using only makeup and face paint was incredibly impressive. Born in Seoul, South Korea, since she was young, Dain had a knack for painting and her talent allowed her to attend the most prestigious art schools of her country.

Depending on the complexity of the project, Dain can spend between 3 and 12 hours looking at her reflection in mirrors, trying to get every detail in order to turn herself into a living, breathing optical illusion. Three years after Dain Yoon’s rise to social media stardom, she remains the internet’s premier illusion art master, a spot she shares with the equally-talented Mimi Choi.


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