We are an Endless Beginning – Siamo un Inizio senza Fine

A short film by David Capone


Do you still believe in love stories? Someone does, but as you may imagine, this someone is a little out of his mind. Out of the ordinary, out of this world. So when he meets the “candy girl”, he cannot but fall in love with her. Or at least trying to understand what really happened on one of the most exciting nights of his life. How to define those new feelings and sensations? Love, friendship, infatuation? Just a story? So, how to make it nice and endless? When you’re a dreamer, you know that every beginning is the most precious part to take care of.

Vittorio meets Arianna by a strange chance, in a tough neighborhood on the edge of town. She is looking for money to reach her real parents in Germany, he is “on vacation” at the house of an old uncle with some walking problems. Vittorio is a naive existence in total mercy of a sensitive soul, while Arianna is a real dynamo of action and energy. Her only problem is perhaps to continue to trust certain people, even when the experiences show her completely opposite paths.

Theirs will be a bizarre encounter born during Arianna’s last mission as a drug dealer — Vittorio will be with her not to attract attention to her movements. A brief story experienced by the two with completely opposite feelings but that will give them a way to realize their own existential conditions.

Written, directed and edited by David Capone, We are an Endless Beginning is a love story suspended between the flashes of a dream and the deceptions of a dead-end reality. The short film still needs a post-production, so you can make a contribution and take an active part in the project just by contacting us at


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