War vs. Education

Ever tried to Google the word school? A really nice and colorful experience indeed. A wonderful world will open up for you with many smiles and nothing that could disturb or upset your state of mind. But today I’ve seen once again the pictures of kids in conflict, a white rabbit hiding from the soldiers, children dead in Syria or in some bloody refugees landing, their little bodies lying face down on a beach or wrapped in white sheets. White, like their pure innocence.

Then, I was looking at some other kind of illustrations about school and education, and all this has brought me down into a fog of feelings, and I’m still there. Why would I still grieving for those young broken lives? What would they have lost?

Those illustrations were about the dark side of education and how, as kids, we are all so tender and lovely creatures, before learning to be men and women through the teachings of a grey society, the same one which will turn us in some sort of automaton or bomber: child against child. And so, there are times when those bombs pulling down whole school walls seem more like a benevolent divine sign, than the umpteenth heinous act of some polite human being.

But in the end, the fog starts to lift, leaving me with only one certainty. What I do know is that if I’m still weeping over a lifeless child’s body is just because I feel all the despair of a father, and every time that picture of death becomes true in my mind, I die too. And there’s no school that could bring me back to life again. Even if that white rabbit was hiding from the peace of our society, I would not hesitate for a moment to find him and take him away with me.


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