Should we really take it so seriously?!

about Danielle Guenther

I like to think ahead about 50 years — if I’m lucky enough to still be around —, yes I know it’s out of the ordinary to imagine that… and ponder what might be important then. It always comes down to “the moments”. If I can evoke emotion in a photograph, I feel the memory will live on forever.

Originally born and raised in Ohio, and now living in the NYC, Danielle Guenther found the energy of the “city life” to be quite addicting. But as much joy a busy life brings, there comes a calm, serene inner peace that she finds when she’s photographing.

Danielle is a self taught who loves to view the world through a child’s perspective. She’s also a mother who is inspired by the energy of those little people that run our daily lives with such power, enthusiasm, and emotion.

She strives to allow every moment to reveal itself through the lens in an authentic or comedic way: After all, should we really take parenting so seriously?!”


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