One of the most inspiring food stuffs ever

How many things you can do with eggs, you ever thought of that? Someone did, and it’s still going on, especially in art, where eggs have become one of the most inspiring food stuffs ever. Laid by female animals of many different species, including birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and fish, eggs have been eaten by humans for thousands of years.

The most commonly consumed eggs are the ones from chickens which were brought to Sumer and Egypt by 1500 BCE, and arrived in Greece around 800 BCE, where the quail had been the primary source of eggs.

A popular Easter tradition in some parts of the world is a decoration of hard-boiled eggs — usually by dying, but often by spray-painting. A similar tradition of egg painting exists in areas of the world influenced by the culture of Persia. Before the spring equinox in the Persian New Year tradition — called Norouz —, each family member decorates a hard-boiled egg and sets them together in a bowl.

And perhaps that’s just the starting point from which a long series of experiments has grown steadily over the years until our digital era.

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