Magic Coffee Hair

about Jim Shoenbill

His name is Jim, but most people call him Jim … No questions are asked of Jim Shoenbill frequently, but he seems to have a lot to answer when he tries to imagine something like a real interview. So, as in the case of his name, he would answer that he grew up in a small house surrounded by books, TV and newspapers and dabbled in artistic stuff, but decided to be responsible and pick up a few degrees in computer science instead.

As a freelance cartoonist, Jim’s work has appeared nowhere. His comics are copyrighted, but yes, please let him know if you have an interest. If he weren’t writing, he would be doing the laundry, most likely, while his greatest achievement is being a good dad. His greatest fear is that his wife figures out how far out of his league she is.

Jim is the man behind the Magic Coffee Hair project, a series of “episodes” or snapshots of a skit started on the web in July 2012. The name stems from a conversation Jim had one morning while he was trying to figure out the miniature coffee maker in a hotel room when one of his sons yelled to him over the din of the TV, triggering the following exchange:

Son: – mumble – “…coffee…” – mumble mumble – “…hair…” – mumble -…
Jim: “Magic coffee hair?”
Son: “What?”
Jim: “Did you say ‘magic coffee hair’?”
Son: “No.”
Jim: “Oh.”

The deal was sealed when it became apparent that was pretty much the last internet domain name available in the universe.


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