No Religions

about Gunduz Agayev, Paul Kinsella and religion

You know, we don’t believe in religions and their stories, but rather in a pure primal religious behaviour, something that has to do with a personal choice and that nothing can question with any kind of doubt or jokes. We believe in art, beauty and satire, and as far as we know, when these three sets are free and real, their intentions can never be offensive. They refer to our time every time, in their own way.

We would like to take this opportunity, if it was still needed, to reiterate this position once again. As you can see, we don’t mean to walk away from the debate, by washing our hands from a neutral pulpit. We are sensitive enough to understand and feel your reasons, even though we disagreed. So we expect you to do the same.

Of course, we didn’t want to use or steal Gunduz Agayev‘s thunder, but the fact that he is from Azerbaijan, in light of some events which have involved some of our last posts, seems to be quite symbolic.

Gunduz is a cartoonist who participated in projects like “Art for democracy”. As a protest against injustice in his country he turned to his favorite genre and faced strong pressure. He was sacked of all projects. After constant pressure, in 2014 he left Azerbaijan. Naturally, we cannot but support him and wish him a peaceful return home.

Another artist who’s given himself to the subject and managed to put everything into one History of Religion is the cartoonist Paul Kinsella.

That of Paul is perhaps nothing more than an invitation to a growing awareness of something that has surely played a fundamental role in the growth of our species, but that is destined to stay behind, sooner or later.


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