with Massimo Tortella


From now, if you see a man singing at the phone and playing cutlery, typewriters or a tennis racket as if it’s a guitar, don’t worry so much, those notes accompanying the whole scene come right from him. His name is Massimo Tortella, aka Porcapizza, from Mantova, Italy.

When and how did you come up to play this way?

In reality, the core of the idea came to my father, through the animations and educational activities for classes and schools proposed by the Cooperativa Lunezia. We have seen with our own eyes how much constructing instruments and creating music from apparently non-musical objects can be exciting and “magnetic”, so I thought to rush headlong into it.

Where do you find all your items?

Literally everywhere. My instruments have parts coming from markets and flea markets of Italy, UK, France, Spain and Russia … for now.

Porcapizza — Dirtypizza —, in the sense … Do you like pizza or what?

The answer for the whole family is “sure, I like pizza a lot!”. The answer for adults is “I like pizzas, I like dirty girls!”.

For how long do you think humankind will still be able to appreciate pieces like Foxy Lady?

As long as it will have a heart. Maybe this specific song and the related artist — Hendrix — will be forgotten, sooner or later, but I’m sure that, as long as it will have a heart, mankind will try to make it beat with art.

Where can we find you in concert?

As I said, I have lived, played and did busking in London for the last 4 years, but now I came home-base where I can better work and line up concerts. At the moment I have proposals for concerts both abroad — France, maybe USA, Dubai probably — and in Italy, but it is still all in bargaining — I will try to keep FB updated with the dates.

One of the childhood memories you will always carry with you:

The pleasure of discovering music and playing! The first guitar lessons, the first concerts — I was 10/11 years old.



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