Rabbit Rabbit Art

about Zach Drenski

Zach is a nice artist and cartoonist, but the fact is that he is a rabbit. So, for those of you discriminating because of this, the alternative shape he proposes maybe wouldn’t like you. Also, he met his wife exactly due to this way of dressing and, just as a rabbit, he grew up in Ohio, US, with dreams in his art. But those childish dreams have been long forgotten, so he packed up and move. These days he sticks to drawing cartoons. In college he found painting one of the funnest activities our ancestors ever invented. He was a natural. And a drunkard.

Later, Zach moved to Tokyo. There, he found himself linguistically impaired, so he looked at a lot of Japanese comics — sometimes referred to as manga. Here’s a fun fact — a freaking ghost “living” in his house. When he returned to the States, his brother introduced Zack to comics such as Zap, Dirty Plotte and Watchmen, and that was the beginning of a whole new world… A world of cartoons. You will find him in the studio nearly everyday. And that’s because, these days, he has a new dream. Simply put, he just wants to entertain.


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