about Jill Flyer

After teaching her to draw when she was just 5, Jill Flyer’s parents agree to send her to the Art Institute of Chicago’s children’s program at 8 years old. Eventually, Jill figures out that she is never going to be a painter, but a chance meet with a simple camera convinces her that she could be a great photographer. She studies photography on her own and has a kitchen darkroom for many years, then finally lands at the Evanston Art Center where she starts experimenting with advanced printing techniques.

In 2003, Jill moves to Ajijic, Mexico, at least partially because she finds the Mexican landscape and people infinitely more interesting photographically than what she could shoot in Chicago.

As darkroom supplies became difficult to get, Jill switches to digital in 2007. She finds digital challenging and exciting, with all the myriad manipulations that are possible in Photoshop. But, she believes that the lessons learned in making B & W images — form & structure & intensity of tones — give you a strong basis to produce more beautiful color photos.

Selected for many shows in US galleries and also in Mexico, today Jill runs Photo Workshop Tours all year long in the Ajijic/Lake Chapala area of Mexico through Mexploration, a many faceted company specializing in the photographic arts and services.


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