Butterfly Witch

about Laura Makabresku

What Laura Makabresku is constantly trying to give birth to, with her camera, is some reality of a possible kind for which we are probably longing, which we desire, which evokes emotions, sometimes frightens, which fills some unnamed absence, lack of something or someone, giving accession to new experiences which are unknown in the regular, daily life.

From such experiences new consciousness’ arise: The photo is never a closed set, even though its form could indicate that. The photo ‘goes on’ in the mind and emotions of the viewer, it changes it, this is why creativeness is also a great deal of responsibility for other people.

Born in 1987, Laura lives in Krakow, Poland. Her photographies are like screenshots from beautiful but cruel fairy tales. Their narrations are not straight. Images that appear are more like feelings that come during a lecture of an old folk-based story — full of witchcrafts and retributions.

“The structure of my works is similar to the structure of a dream where natural tendencies of collecting and organising impulses and motivations coincide with irrational clashes of objects and feelings. Isolation and wounds are closed into patterns, uneasy and artificial orders — visual spells created in order to divide beastliness from humanity and dreams from horror.


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