Broken isn’t bad

A project by Sanda

She knows growing up is terribly harder than we’ve expected. She knows we should believe in ourselves and follow our dreams. She knows overthinking never makes things better, but we do it constantly anyway. She knows time passes and life moves faster as we get older. She knows we cannot change our past, and the choices we’ve made are exactly what we wanted. She knows that life is full of surprises, and not all of them are pretty. She knows people leave and hearts get broken… And it hurts. But time heals all. We all are a little broken, after all. And that’s totally ok. Broken isn’t bad.

Broken isn’t bad is a project by Sanda, a faceless artist from Zagreb, Croatia, dealing with inspirational hand-drawn B&W illustrations and quotes about life, love, dreams, universe, self-discovery and growing up.


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