False Knees

About Joshua Barkman

Joshua Barkman spends all day inside the natural world. In hyporeality, which occurs in his head, he is in a dense forest lying face-down in a heap of moss. Most of his adult jobs have involved trees, either planting, pruning, or removing them. He grew up in the countryside and he loves camping and traveling to see forests in other parts of the world. His False Knees project was birthed in a little Mom-and-Pop newspaper called The Link and lived in its basement ever since, surviving off of scraps of encouragement and mixed metaphors. It is a fledgling undertaking examining and dissecting long-standing, ongoing understandings of proselytizing story-telling. The idea is that Joshua posts an update every Tuesday. When that doesn’t happen and you’re looking for a good substitute, he suggests you to just imagine what one sad animal would say to another.

“Animals are way more fun to draw than me! It also gives me a chance to play on people’s expectations of common North American city animals. We share our space with these creatures who go largely forgotten (or worse: deemed ‘pests’), and I like the idea of giving them a voice. Even if it’s the voice of a 20-something, white, human man. I think I’ll stick with animals for a while, but maybe I’ll eventually transition from birds to crabs or trilobites to stay relevant.



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