Nothing to say

about Marion Fayolle

The characters created by Marion Fayolle just need to interact with each other, not quite in so many words. When she writes some of her stories, Marion doesn’t really write. Everything starts with the desire for an image, which is often obtained through an association between shapes and words. For example, she thinks that a woman’s dress has an odd resemblance to a birdcage. This image in her mind will be her base, her starting point, the first word of the first sentence. There is no synopsis, no summary, sometimes she takes some short notes, but she sees only images: “I never start with a wish to say something, I don’t have a background or a precise text to illustrate. I work the other way around. I start from a fixed image, a graphic metaphor, and then I animate it, I justify it, and little by little my stories find a meaning. I never know what I am going to say before saying it”.

This went for surreal, light-hearted and humorous series like Les Coquins or L’Homme en pièces. Born in 1988, Marion grew up in Ardèche and joined the Strasbourg School of Decorative Arts in 2006. She graduated in June 2011. She met Matthias Malingrey and Simon Roussin at the illustration studio, with whom she founded the Nyctalope comics and illustrations magazine, in 2009.



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