Art History Repeating

about Baptiste Picq

Today a good animator or graphic designer, if he feels like it, has almost the duty to try a certain kind of animation, just to test his own degree of irony and sensitivity to the masterpieces of art. Maybe this is not true at all, but the fact is that things are going this way for a while. We thought it was over, but no. Art history still repeating.

This is Baptiste Picq’s turn, illustrator, motion and graphic designer from Paris, who enjoys to animate art masterpieces with a touch of french irony, on Instagram. As a designer, I am interested in the reinterpretation of cultural objects. In parallel I am also interested in the ritual of eating as a sign of how we produce and structure our society, and how consumption is a crucial part of that.

1 Commento su Art History Repeating

  1. Gostaria de saber os títulos das obras e seus respectivos pintores, se for possível.
    Desde já agradeço.

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