An Incredible Adventure

about C Nico Sechi

How do you do it?
I have not the faintest idea!

There is no course, a text, a method or anything in the art by C Nico Sechi, it’s just fantasy in its pure state. Something childish that he and others who do the same things, carry with them. The same thing we all have as children but then disappears growing up. It is freedom of imagination. Without conditioning: Have you ever been in a room with other adults and maybe there is a child playing alone with two simple cars? If you look at it from the outside, it looks like a dumb game, he moves the cars back and forth and there’s nothing funny, but in the child’s head there is a film, an incredible adventure, a whole world of imagination. I think what I do is something that remains of that child: looking at objects and imagine, a mental game, nothing more.

Born in 1969, C Nico is a totally self-taught artist from Sassari, Italy. Grew up with a close relationship with nature, he realizes his compositions of everyday objects and illustrations, by reflecting this strong legacy in a spontaneous manner. His works possess that touch of lightness and joy that cannot help but tear a smile.


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