Dirt Series

about James Croak

Modernism is typically defined
as the condition that begins when people realize God is truly dead,
and we are therefore on our own

By working in series, often in unusual materials such as cast dirt, James Croak enclosed his work in several popular groups such as the Dirt Baby editions, the Dirt Man series, or Window series. Many of his unique pieces are animal-human hybrids which he started making in 1979 and shown as the beasts. American-born artist concentrating on sculpture and photography, additionally he writes and publishes widely on art and cultural criticism. His art and writings appear in over thirty books.

A series of James’s drawings updates Fancisco Goya’s Disasters of WarLos Desastres de la Guerra, 1810-20 — with wars that have occurred since. He employs the same central image with a coy title on the image as did Goya. The works are drawn with mud on paper, the common conclusion of the thousand natural shocks the flesh is heir to. New Skins for the Coming Monstrosities are appliances to extend our thin skin, and designed to protect us from the environmental insult found in modern times. Another project is the night landscape photographs entitled The Other Twelve Hours and includes shots as varied as the Arashiyama bamboo grove of Kyoto, the everglades in Florida and the Sonoran desert of Arizona.


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