Life is Beautiful

An animated short by Ben Brand

Anton is a little man in a world dominated by bigger forces making decisions above one’s head. He has grown frustrated at how he’s always been the smallest person among his peers. Pushed to the limits of what he can take, when Anton decides to throw his life away, the afterlife doesn’t instantly offer the relief he’s been so desperately searching for. With an ethereal light pulling him towards it, Anton soon discovers that sometimes what we consider our biggest weakness, might actually turn out to be our biggest strength to a new life.

Beautifully animated and told with a dry sense of humour by Dutch writer and director Ben Brand, Life is Beautiful is about the impossibility to escape your fate. It finds a charming aesthetic to show the world Anton inhabits — delivering a rather interesting take on what after-life might look like — and mixes oddball and supernatural elements with melancholic and tragicomic scenes, which let the viewer meditate on how we experience our own surroundings and place in life.


1 Commento su Life is Beautiful

  1. I love it, thank you very much


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