Officina Calze Lunghe

A project by Elisa & Susanita

I wanted to build my house with LEGO bricks. I had a few, I took the first two, they seemed perfect, I tried to combine them, they did not match. I didn’t give up, I pushed harder, they didn’t match. I didn’t give up, I pressed them together with all my weight, they did not match. I gave up, I tried to separate them, they do not break off anymore, every attempt is useless, they do not come off anymore, they stay there, unsuitable and stuck. To this day, those two mismatched bits are what comes closest to the idea I had of my house.

Susanita, Elisa, and a lot of little helpers stolen from Santa Claus, sewed an idea, drinking hot tea. Their Officina offers photographic services and albums studied on the carpet for all those who want to tell about themselves through an image. They want to shoot and paste and build. They will be there to play with the marriages with the barrels and the wine and the acrobats, to invent stories to be invented. They will be there for all lovers, already lovers and yet to love. They collaborate with artists, publishers, companies, chocolatiers and anyone who wants to ask them a hand.


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