Art from another galaxy

A project by Dave aka WinterSixFour

Contrary to what one might think, Dave is the least imaginative person you’ll ever meet. What he’s good at is taking other people’s great imagination and using it to create something that makes him happy. One of his most bizarre questions has been, for example, what if art had been painted a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away? Well, he gave that question some thought, and the answer was a series of famous paintings re-imagined for the time of the Galactic Empire.

Dave has never been the biggest art lover, but he has been a big Star Wars lover since the summer of ’77. His project started out life as just a bit of a giggle, however, it soon turned into something of an education for him. It didn’t take too long before he got hooked on finding out more about the paintings he was desecrating and the artists who painted them. He learned a lot and can now tell a Warhol from a whole in the ground.


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