One Night Stand

New album by Peculiaroso

Dawn’s almost knocking at the door, chasing the dragon thru an emotional perception of reality. It’s hard to keep in touch, but the lonely damaged man tattooed on the wall has been given a second chance. This is an Industrial-Baritone-Nuclear war-DayAfter-Rock’n’Roll Manifesto, she’s making it work with her double life. One Night Stand is very real and it is happening now.

This is about an overnite tour thru industrial lucid dreams and liquid saxophones platforms, with a cruising drunken pirate crew playing peculiar music which doesn’t give a damn about their sinking galleon. A nuclear war scenario with a Totem high in the jungle, swimming in muddy waters where everything looks real as it seems even though the withdrawal been there, done that at the border between time and space where everything is melting together and everything is real and it’s sound.

One Night Stand
by Peculiaroso

Out on December 15th, 2017
Released by Seahorse Recordings
Distributed by Audioglobe
Publishing by New Model Label


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