Just Do It

about Bjenny "Ben" Montero

Bjenny “Ben” Montero is a cartoonist who likes kids books and a musician who thinks music is not that therapeutic but instead it’s hell, so he finds that very unenjoyable. He likes making up songs and he likes when the thing is finished, the recording, but he hates playing. He hates everything that goes with it. He loves drawing because he can do it once and just let colours out and feel better, then he puts it on Instagram and people like it and he goes: “Ah! People liked it!”

Bjenny doesn’t really know much about comics, but he knows he loves guys like Robert Crumb, The Freak Brothers, Richard Scary, Dr Seuss or Fred Negro. He also knows how the front of your mind can be a fucking beast, a guard. He never sets out to be revealing, unless he’s really trying to be revealing. Even then he goes into a little pretend-it’s-not-happening state when he’s doing it. So he can do it: Just do it and not think about it and then see it later and go: ‘Ah fuck. My parents are going to see that’. I’d love to do more of that in music and art.


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