Secret Needs

about Lee Price

Just with a little help from her friend and photographer, Tom Moore, who takes the poses, american painter Lee Price paints the deeper aspects of feminine nature, by focusing on the nurturing traits conditioned in women to look after the needs of others before tending to their own. Food, women and baths are at the center of her oil paint compositions in an effort to get across a sense of distraction: “How we grasp for things that distract us from being present when the present is too uncomfortable for us to sit with”.

“My paintings are self-portraits. I think that many women are brought up, both through our immediate families and through society, to nurture others at the expense of our own needs. We hide our appetites, not just for food but in many areas of our lives, and then consume in secret.

Even in kindergarten, Lee knew that she wanted to grow up and do something in the field of art and drawn. Her mother was a high school art teacher and she’s sure that had some influence on her. Lee started art school as an illustration major then switched to painting after the first year. She’s been painting ever since.

“I think that is what all art is about. You have something to say and you’ve learned a way of saying it and you feel like you have to say it. One of my favorite quotes is ‘the more person, the more universal’.


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