about Stefan Draschan

How much passion and faith it takes to achieve certain goals? How much patience? An important answer comes once again from photography and, in particular, from the projects of a bizarre photographer, Stefan Draschan. As in the case of his People matching Artworks, he just goes to a museum and takes photos of people who match the artworks. Sometimes it’s the color palette of their clothes that matches one of the paintings. Other times, it’s the color and texture of their hair. There are cases when even the pattern of the clothes is strikingly similar to the one in the artwork. It’s a secretive take on museum doppelgängers — a lighthearted activity in which people are actively posing with an artwork that resembles them.

Stefan loves the chance and accidental matches, and he used the same approach in his series Couples Matching or Cars matching homes. Born in Austria, Stefan has lived in Vienna, Berlin and Paris. But he says his real home are museums everywhere.



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