Le clitoris

An animated short by Lori Malépart-Traversyis

Women are lucky,
they get to have the only organ in the human body dedicated exclusively for pleasure:
the clitoris!

In this humorous and instructive animated documentary by Lori Malépart-Traversyis, you can find out the unrecognized anatomy and unknown herstory of one of the most mysterious body parts ever. The purpose is to demystify female sexuality by discovering the anatomy and functioning of this organ, its history and its “discovery” by male doctors, its role in the female orgasm and its function as a tool of empowerment for women.

Born in Montreal, Canada, Lori holds both a BFA in Film Animation and a BFA in Studio Arts from Concordia University. Her animated short films — Le clitoris, Sparky Ketchup and Extra champignons — have been presented in many festivals in the past year. Lori’s expertise lies in animated documentary filmmaking, a tool she uses to tell stories, give meaning, and provoke reactions.

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