Emotional Effect

about David Mellon

Whether in his still lifes or figurative paintings, the goal of David Mellon is to create an abstract form of storytelling with images that are as simple and direct as children’s book illustrations, while at the same time being as mysterious as dreams. Clarity and Ambiguity: balancing both of these elements is essential. And though his pictures often resemble and are indeed informed by traditional forms of illustration, the important distinction between Fine Art and Illustration is in the intent. That is to say, he’s more interested in the emotional effect of an image than the specific narrative content. It may look like a book illustration, but it is only in appearance. The only thing David is looking to illustrate is his consciousness.

Born in New Orleans, in 1955, David has drawn storyboards for film and advertising since 1981. He currently lives and works in The Village Green, Los Angeles.



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