about Debra Mason

Everybody loves William-Adolphe Bouguereau and sensitive artists like him, able to elevate all the delicacy and light that lay into the shapes of a landscape or a human creature. And this is always a good thing to find out. But it’s not just Bouguereau that’s in Shorra’s universe, a digital artist from Toronto, Canada whose real name is Debra Mason.

Debra started out learning about Photoshop by creating Photomanipulations, or “chops” as they’re often called, before leaving it behind in favour of her new passion, creating illustrations. She’s very involved in a website called Dagger Bay, a place where photographers, painters, photomanipulators, writers and 3D artists from all over the world compete in friendly contests. If there’s anything you’d like her to create for you, just contact her.


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