Expanding Limbs

about Gerardo Feldstein

As in a childhood nightmare — well recalled in Michel Gondry’s The Science of Sleep — limbs in Gerardo Feldstein’s tiny figures expand dramatically, leaving their own bodies just like little meaningless points in a space that seems to absorb them till a final dissolve. One last gasp in the name of “being there”? While in some of his works, Gerardo enjoys playing with scale, in other ones, he anthropomorphizes everyday objects, adding faces to toilets and feet to tables.

Born in Buenos Aires, he studied electrical engineering for a few years, started to paint and today he is an artist in various fields. His sculptures are made of different materials, he uses wire, wood, textiles and other things to form his works.

“I see the sculpture as an extension of myself, my characters do, dramatize things I want and I can do.


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