Egghead Artist

about Jesse Lown

Jesse Lown is fairly friendly and sometimes even in a good mood. His art is influenced by big questions, lowbrow humour, mischievous imagination, and random, everyday things. It’s a playfully irreverent commentary on the world for no good reason other than his own personal amusement. Ages ago Jesse was a graphic designer. He eventually got bored and moved to BeiJing, China and for a few years studied Eastern philosophy, ink painting and Chinese medicine.

Jesse’s art is kept small and simple because he likes it that way. He works quickly and impulsively, and yes, he titles them himself. Mediums include inkjet prints, gesso, acrylics, ink, liquid paper, watercolours & ball point pens. Currently Jesse lives in Toronto, he owns and operates a neurological rehabilitation clinic. If you’re trying to understand how this all makes sense, don’t bother. If you do figure it out, please contact Jesse and explain it to him.


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