with Sivan Karim

Dare is not about being a rebel, it’s about being honest with yourself
Dare to have an opinion. Dare to make mistakes
Dare to love. Dare to stand behind your beliefs
Dare to change
Dare to be different

Are you different?

The caption to my drawing Dare was meant to be empowering to be honest with yourself. We do think differently and everyone of us is different in their own way. I feel like society accepts people more often when they fit in a typical pattern. But we all have our own opinions and thoughts. I learned to be happy with the way I am, understood that making mistakes is sometimes even important to grow. I don’t need to be surrounded by people who look and think like me. Don’t conform yourself to be accepted, you will never find happiness that way. So basically I am different, everyone is, we just need to be honest about what we really think and want.

Something on the genesis of your ideas:

Most ideas are experiences I have had. Love, loss, fear, happiness, dreams. Luckily I’m not running out of inspirations.

Do you think there is nothing to save in censorship?

I think certain things like violence or hardcore porn shouldn’t be accessible on the internet so easily.

You’re an artist: Why you don’t love to work for free?

Well, surprisingly I am paying bills as well. When I went to the groceries, they wanted me to pay for the food, it was not free either. When I went to the doctor, he didn’t want to make his job for free. So I guess this is called life. In order to survive, I apparently need money. People enjoy art and get emotional about it and sometimes even relate to it, but most of them don’t want to pay for it, then those people don’t deserve art! I am working very hard on my drawings and I deserve to be payed too!

A few words on your Black & White choice:

I think black and white is such a strong contrast. It’s timeless to me and I feel very comfortable working with black ink.

One of your ordinary day in the country:

Usually I wake up around 8 am, have breakfast and then try to answer e-mails and messages on my social medias — that takes a few hours sometimes. If I have to work on a commission, I check up the e-mails if the clients wanted anything changed and start working on it. If I’m working on my own project I usually start sketching and listen to music a lot. In the evening I am mostly meeting friends for dinner and that’s basically an ordinary day in Germany to me.

A memory from your childhood:

I remember that I loved playing in the garden of my grandparents. They had so many beautiful plants and trees. A lemon tree, a fig tree, a pomegranate tree. The smell was lovely.



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