Treetop Experience

A project by EFFEKT

Reconnecting people to nature by elevating them high above a treetop canopy, this is the aim of the architecture studio EFFEKT through their Camp Adventure Treetop Experience. Located in the preserved forest Gisselfeld Klosters Skove, an hour south of Copenhagen, Denmark, the Treetop Experience aims improve accessibility to the forest while minimizing landscape disturbance.

The 600 meter treetop walk is divided into a higher and lower walkway with the former located in the oldest parts of the forest, while the latter is situated in the forest’s younger areas. The walk begins at Camp Adventure Farmhouse and is punctuated with educational features and activities such as an aviary, suspended amphitheater, walkway loops for tree observation, and a variety of viewpoints. It culminates with the star built attraction, a 45-meter-tall observation viewpoint platform with an accessible spiraling ramp.


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