Trying to have Fun

about Lucas Levitan

In August 2013, whilst lunch break walking on Redchurch Street in East London, a brick fell from the 4th floor scaffolding of a building site and missed a man by millimeters. It made him think he should be doing more or what he loves, drawing. It was a turning point and he hopes his future. He went back to the office and resigned. Since then he has been doing more of what he likes, drawing. He’s an illustrator today, filmmaker last week, photographer last month and art director last year. A new cycle might start again soon.

Lucas Levitan is a Brazilian multimedia artist based in London and Madrid. He searches for inspiration in everyday life and turns ordinary objects and scenes into intriguing images that sometimes take shape as illustration, sculptures, installations, paintings or video-art. He sees the world with a little twist on reality. And by de-contextualising them, he changes the way they are perceived and engage the audience in a unexpected and playful way. Lucas tries to have fun, basically.


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