Private Light

about Tina Spratt

Inspired very early on by the dramatic use of light in the work of Rembrandt, and later the paintings of Caravaggio, Tina Spratt always tends to paint in many layers to build up the glow of light and depth she requires to create the atmosphere and mood. Her paintings, which are focused on the female form, are glimpses of a simple everyday intimacy. Tina is interested in capturing that fleeting time when a person is unaware of being observed — she seems to know very well how much truth and private there is in that moment.

“I hope to portray a sense of ambiguity for the viewer to arrive at their own conclusions and evoke an emotional connection with the model. I use a variety of techniques in my painting including glazing which has the ability to bring out amazing colours and depth from the transparency of certain oils, although each painting often has a slightly varied approach depending on what I feel it requires”.


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