Dreamy Craftsman

about Virgilio Villoresi

By making films in a special dreamy context, Virgilio Villoresi is known as the “craftsman of Italian cinema”. When he was a kid, he was a ballet dancer, then he grew fond of some old magazines from the 50’s that his grandmother used to collect. He would cut the yellowed images off the old pages to make collages. Then he became fond of cinema, which is his real artistic dimension: “Drawing is fundamental to me but only during the creative phase. Drawing helps me to define what I imagined”.

So, as a craftsman from another time, Virgilio seems to be able to do so many things with his hands…

Born in 1979 in Fiesole, Italy, Virgilio learned alchemical synthesis from Harry Smith, structural ontology from Jonas Mekas, how to make art of garbage from Jack Smith, ritual magic from Kenneth Anger. His early inspirations include, Poland animators like Jan Lenica, Zibnew Rybzinski, Walerian Borowcsiz, Daniel Schezcura, Jerzy Ziztmann, the European experimental cinema of Patrick Bokanowski, Chris Maker, Straub and Huillet, American Underground of Maya Deren, Stan Brakhage, Brothers Kuchar, European avant-garde of Jean Cocteau, Luis Bunuel, Man Ray, Oscar Fischinger, Italian experimental of Paolo Gioli, Alberto Grifi as well as avant-garde theater, art and literature.

Virgilio worked for brands like Smythson, Fendi and Valentino, for the band Blonde Redhead, and in collaboration with the illustrator Virginia Mori, by animating her drawings with Ombro Cinema technique. Today, he lives and works in Milan, a place in a country still “stuck because of bureaucracy and politics”.


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