Owl Turd Comix

A project by Shenanigansen

To make his comics, Shenanigansen just opens up Photoshop and start to draw. There’s nothing much else to it. But if you’d like to do the same and you don’t have Photoshop, Manga Studio, GIMP,, and even MS Paint, are all viable alternatives. In addition, before you start though, he recommends taking a month or so just to brush up on art and draw comics without publishing them — this will allow you the figure out what exactly you want to do.

Shenanigansen is the author of Owl Turd Comix, a web series started in early 2013 with the mission of making you happy — so hopefully you didn’t just find it now. The goal is humor, and for the subject matter, anything is game.

“Shen is my partial self-insert. He and I aren’t the same, but for all practical purposes we’re close enough. I love gaming, technology overall, cats & other cute stuff, bike paths & trails, and eating ice like some kind of a dingus.

I have no formal education in art, but have been making comics for a while now.


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